super mario run update

Super Mario Run has received an update in the App Store . New levels do not exist, but a beginner mode, which is automatically suggested, should the player times fail. The game can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple App Store. The full version then costs a one-time in-app purchase 9.99 euros. A daring sales model that has given the game quite a lot of negative reviews.


The new beginner mode is primarily aimed at beginners who have problems with the high speed of the game. In the mode you can play without limits of time and air bubbles. “The number of Toads you lose in the case of a Dutchman has been reduced,” Publisher Nintendo seems to have another news. According to the manufacturer, the game has so far achieved 78 million downloads and a turnover of 50 million US dollars.

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8 Cool Tips And Tricks To Get More Followers And Likes On Instagram

instagram follower tips and tricks

Anyone who is active in the social media knows: more likes and new followers increase the fun quite enormously and motivate to further acts. But what can companies do to increase their loyalty and win more hearts (read Likes on Instagram)?

So you have created an Instagram profile and want to know it now. You are looking forward to finally sharing some cool pictures or videos that characterize your brand (regardless of whether it is your personal brand or if you use the account for your business). And, of course, you’re thrilled when other Instagram users acknowledge your efforts. After you’ve merged your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you could see how the number of your followers increased. Perhaps you have gathered around the hundred followers – but then the numbers stagnate. You can hardly believe it, but your Instagram efforts have come to their limits.

No need to worry, because today we have good news for you! We’ll show you a few very simple tricks to help you get more likes and followers for your Instagram performance.

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Ran to the Bacon: With these 8 tips you gain more Likes and Followers on Instagram

# 1: Choose a theme.

Many successful Instagram performances are devoted to a specific theme, which goes through all their pictures. Think about it: What is my thing? Perhaps you are quite related to your location, like the New York-based photographer @alice_gao . Or you have a small restaurant and would like to introduce your wonderful menus. In this case you will find suggestions at @tattebakery.

Whatever is your thing, stay true to it! Your followers may like continuity, and in return, trust your account to meet their expectations. Imagine how irritated you would be if you follow a haute couture account and suddenly discover the blueberry photo!

# 2: Post cool content

To gain more followers and likes on Instagram, you need attractive content. In order for Follower to keep a close eye on you and double-click on your photos, you must be able to rely on continuous uploading of high-quality photos and interesting captions. If you offer your followers what they want to see, it does not mean that you have to post the same kind of photos again and again – that would be quite boring! Change your angle of view and the motifs, but remain true to the brand theme you defined according to item # 1.

# 3: Tell a story with your caption

They shot a hammer photo, edited it, and are ready to upload it. Now just do not rush and let the caption drop under the table. That would be a huge mistake! Captions are an immensely important part of your photo. When you tell a story with your captions, you will become an expert in the eyes of your followers, giving them an insight into the context of the photo. The best combination is an impressive photo, accompanied by a good caption. The Photograph f Alex Guiry told not only with its impressive pictures a story, he gives his audience an idea of what it looks like behind the scenes and makes them curious to see more and learn.

# 4: Stick to a schedule

Your followers should know when to expect a new photo. As already mentioned: continuity and rhythm are the key to success. Much will depend on how much material is available to you. If you just swim in great pictures and start posting on a daily basis, stay tuned and make sure you have a new photo every day. Create a content calendar for your Instagram appearance; This will help you organize things, and that can have a real effect on the number of your followers and likes. You should avoid updating your account daily or weekly and then disappear from the screen for weeks. Taking a social media break does not sound dramatic, your goal is to build a loyal fan community, but not conducive.

# 5: Talk to your followers

I hollers want to know that there is a real, lively person behind the good photos in their feed. So show your followers that you are not an Instagram robot: deal with them. When you interact with your followers, you’ll see that you appreciate their comments and likes.

Please visit some profiles of your followers and you will also be able to see a photo that will catch your eye. You should not spam the likes of your followers with arbitrary Likes. Build good relationships by appreciating loyal followers and recognizing their talent and presence on Instagram.

# 6: Hashtags … but not too many hashtags

Lately, Hashtags has been one of the best tools to increase the views on social media posts. Hashtags are designed to make your content visible to users who do not follow you yet, but they are not always the best strategy to gain loyal followers. All-encompassing hashtags like #liebe or #hund do not give you the desired publicity, because this quickly displaces labeled photos from more recent pictures of other users. Distinctive and more focused hashtags ( #dogsofinstagram ) that match the motto of your profile have a far greater effect than a flood of thematically broad-based hashtags. Hashtags are a good way to reach strangers, but they should always refer to the content you post. Whoever uses too many hashtags makes a rather striking impression. Find the ideal balance by using two or three hashtags that describe what your photo wants to convey.

# 7: Brand Hashtags

Brand hashtags are about to become the next big thing on Instagram. Many brands use Branded Hashtags to engage in a topic that interests their audience. They encourage their community to mark their own photos with this hashtag, regardless of whether it is about the product or not. Through a brand hashtag you can create real brand loyalty in your community. Your brand will benefit from extending its reach to new customers, and your customers will benefit from your interest through your commitment. This is a great way to motivate the Instagram community to be interested in your brand and to post your own (ie user-generated) content on the page of your brand.

# 8: Use the Explore function

The Explore tool enriches your feed with new and exciting photos that you probably would never have found. By interacting with Instagram users who are not part of your follower community (through likes and comments), you can make your profile visible to a much wider audience!

Want to take your photos to the Explore page? Two factors affect the chances of being able to do: the degree of interaction , the obtained photo in the form of Likes and comments, and the time that it takes for this commitment after the photo was posted for the first time.