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Thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links you can duel at any time and assemble your deck. But which decks are the best and what kind of cards do you need?This is, of course, always a matter of taste, but we want to introduce you to some good decks in this guide and show you which maps you need.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel left is the motto: the deck is just as good as the duelist! That’s why you should unlock all characters beforehand – the linked guide shows you how to do that. It is also important to earn a lot of Gems , so you can afford booster packs with new cards.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Best decks and cards for deck construction

It is essential that your deck is matched to the character , as each of the selectable duelists has special abilities that they will learn during their career. Most skills are unlocked at levels 4, 13, and 20 . For example, you can increase your life points by 1,000 or give you other advantages in combat. If you combine your cards and ability properly, you can create a really strong deck .

The next table tells you good combinations, which give a powerful deck. However, many of the cards are also hard to obtain and must be acquired or won before. However, the table does not show the complete map list, which you must have in the deck, but only the most important maps. You have to fill the free places with the usual suspects such as split or pit , which are effective in each deck. Note, however, that your deck should consist of at least 50 percent monster cards.

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Also consider that it is not enough to build a deck as shown above. It also counts the experience! Look at the individual cards, look at the effects and the most important thing: Play, play, play!

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