DBZ Dokkan Battle – tips and tricks everyone should know

dragon ball z dokkan battle tips and tricks

You are looking for DBZ Dokkan tips, tricks and information about current hacks and cheats? Then you are right at this point because in this article we want to introduce some DBZ Dokkan Battle tips and tricks that every player should know.

DBZ Dokkan Tipps, Tricks, Cheats & Hacks


Always have an eye on the upcoming events. If you successfully complete such an event, you can unlock other fighters and win more rare characters. With 3 fighters on level 40 you have good chances at the events. It is an advantage if the 3 fighters have different types.

Character types

Each character in DBZ Dokkan battle hacks is assigned to a type that in turn has strengths and weaknesses against other types. In the upper right corner, you can see which types have the advantages and disadvantages of a different type.

Type defense

Defend against an attack with the stronger element type. When attacking an opponent, check the order in which the character is attacked. So if your opponent is approaching you, you can use your character with elemental advantage for defense. Thus, on average, you suffer less damage from incoming attacks, and you gain an advantage over the course of the battle.

The team set-up

If you are in a battle, it is important to use the link skills of your characters by setting up your fighters correctly. Thus the right formation of your fighters can bring a considerable boost in the stats. By exchanging your fighters, you can see if and which link skills you can get at the bottom of the screen.

The right Orbs

Look for the right colored Orbs to collect for your fighters. Each player type is assigned a color. By the right orbs, your character gets not only the double AI, but also extra energy. The higher the DEF value of the character, the more energy it returns.

Card Basics

On the map, you move on the random numbers as you roll the dice. Each field has a specific property.

  • Gray – nothing
  • Red – HP is reduced
  • Question mark – provides a good or bad property
  • Blue – supplies capsule, money or AI
  • Red with stop sign – must be defeated to get ahead
  • Baba – provides the possibility to buy an item

Regular login

You can also receive a gift item per day for regular play of DBZ Dokkan Battle. (It is enough to log in.) So if you are in the menu and in the lower selection a number with the gift icon see, you can collect your new items.

KI Bursts

If you pick up the correct AI Orb to reinforce your character, you should check to see if your AI Bursts can collect. KI Bursts appear when you have several orbs of the same color in a row.

To play with friends

Before each level you have the opportunity to fight with an ally player. After the fight you have the possibility to send your friend a friend request. The advantage of fighting with friends is in the friendpoints, with which you can unlock new characters. If you are a regular friend of a friend, you will receive more friend points.

DBZ Dokkan Cheats & Hacks

If you are looking for cheats for DBZ Dokkan, then we have to disappoint you unfortunately, because in the current version of the app neither a cheat function is installed, nor are Glitches known from which advantages arise. Although videos are currently circulating videos of alleged DBZ Dokkan hacks with which, for example, can be attacked endlessly, but we would like to advise at this point urgently of such tools. As a rule, these programs only contain malicious software that infects the smartphone or the PC.

More DBZ Dokkan tips and tricks

Do you have any more DBZ Dokkan Battle tips or tricks? Then let other readers know and write your tips below in the comments.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips and Tricks Video Below.

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