Tips and Cheats For WWE Tap mania From SEGA

Tips and Cheats For WWE Tap mania From SEGA

Here are some tips and tricks for WWE Tap Mania, the wrestling game for Android and iOS SEGA.

Tips and Tricks for WWE Tap Mania

The latest wrestling game to reach Android and iOS phones is surpassing expectations. So if you were thinking, do not hesitate, give it a chance, it is a free to play quite achieved on which we will also give you a few tips and tricks to make everything easier:

Cheats for WWE Tap Mania – Money Bonus

In the upper left corner you have a button that says “Free” or “Free” with which we will get the Jeritron 6.500. A boost for which for 2 hours we will get triple the money of what we would gain without using enhancers.

We do not usually like to recommend advertising. But this time we believe that the benefit we get from seeing a short ad is worth it. Of course, when you do, you have to be sure that you will be able to take advantage of those two bonus hours.

WWE Tap Mania Tricks – Special Move

Reserve all special moves for the main event. In the main event we will always appear a much stronger fighter than the previous ones and we will have a limited time to defeat him. So nothing better than blowing all the special attacks. And even if you have them, do not stop hitting, the damage you cause to your rivals will be crazy.

If you level up your fighters, as we will explain later, you will have no need to use your special attacks before the main event.

Cheats for WWE Tap Mania – Envelopes

If you play a little you will see that it really is a free to play. Because they do not stop getting envelopes while we fight. And if we recommend opening them in the middle of the fight, since the advantages we can get with what we are dropped envelopes are quite interesting.

WWE Tap Mania Tricks

The fastest way to hit and with which we will do more damage is alternating the beating with both fists. To do this we must alternate the sides of the screen in which we press with two fingers. Yes, you will end up pressing the screen as if there was no tomorrow, although you only need to do it when you have a difficult opponent, a main event, until you arrive you can go a lot quieter.

WWE Tap Mania Cheats – Improve Fighters

There are several ways to improve our fighters:

  • Level Up : Click on your card during the fight if you have enough money to level up. This will increase the damage done in each hit and gain new skills.
  • Prestige : Each time we complete a prestige bar, a permanent improvement for the player is unlocked. The first point of prestige requires exceeding 100 phases. So if you have 30 stages and you thought that you were already playing the game, you see that you still have a lot.
  • Parties : To improve the level of stars we will have to find the parts that indicate us. Raising the star level is necessary if you do not want the fighter to stop being able to level up when he reaches his limit.
  • Skill Points : You get them with envelopes in the store. You will win many of them without spending money, just be open to open them.

Whenever we can improve a fighter, let’s do it. Although we have to leave the fighters fighting automatically, it will be worth it. Well, when it comes to a level rise, you can expect to aculumar enough money to raise several at the same time.

WWE Tap Mania Cheats – Stop Hitting

When you are not in a main event you can stop hitting punches and order your fighters, their advantages, collect money, etc. In automatic mode they should be able to keep moving forward, albeit slower, while you take care that everything that can be improved is improved.

The combats do not require a lot of technique, but they better your characters. Your opponents will improve a lot as you progress through the phase and you have to keep up. wwe tap mania cheats online generator tool will help you in getting free resources on your game account, so by clicking the link you can get instant access.

Video: WWE Gameplay Tap Mania

Finally we leave you a gameplay in case you still do not know the game:

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